Scalable software architecture


On a high technical level


IT Workbench GmbH is specialised on migrating and developing new portfolio management systems in the insurance industry.


We take on programming orders within internal release cycles and optimize interfaces to fringe systems. In order to optimize processes we adapt IT systems and improve existing software architectures to a higher and technically up-to-date level.


Starting from the content description up to the programming itself we take on the technical implementation of new legal requirements.

Daily business on the programming core


Portfolio management


Since more than 20 years our IT experts have been programming and working on the complex system architecture of portfolio management systems.


We do not know actuarial mathematics only in theory but we experience it in our daily work on the programming core. Due to the daily consulting on the interface between IT and the insurance company we are familiar with actuarial know-how and the processes within the insurance industry.

Always focussed on the customer’s need


Strategic system consulting


With the strategic system consulting we assume the role of a system independent external consultant focussed only on the customer’s need and with a high empirical value at the implementation.


We analyse your requirements and offer solutions which we will first discuss with you and then implement step by step. We support you in taking the right decision in regard of the underlying conditions and framework when introducing standard solutions or in-house developments to your portfolio management.

High flexibility


Due to extended workbench


We do understand your technical requirements and we do understand the background setting of your requirements. Furthermore we know the elementary significance of a loadable software architecture.


Our technical as well as professional know-how is used for the systematic separation of technical and actuarial code. Thus we decrease the complexity of the produced applications and reduce the effort when producing and maintaining our software solutions.


We are also aware of the economic pressure to save costs and the shortage of qualified workers. Our solution to these requirements is our extended workbench in the Ukraine.



Cost-effective software programming as a service


With our Ukrainian subsidiary IT Workbench LLC we develop software of high quality and low price according to German quality requirements.


The project coordinators of the German IT Workbench GmbH - all originating from the insurance industry – function as an interface between the section of our German insurance customer and our Ukrainian software development.


Our developer team in Kiev has got an extensive actuarial knowledge and develops on a high level of independence for German insurance customers.

Iterative approach


Plan flexibly and profit at reduced risk


Bigger projects and tasks are realized iteratively in a sequence of smaller, completed steps. Every single iteration is separately analysed, calculated, realized and tested. Only then the result thus achieved is made available for the users.


So all knowledge gained after each cycle influences immediately any further proceedings. On the one hand you already profit from the productively usable results of the completed implementations. On the other hand you can re-evaluate and plan once more the next steps according to the present business situation.

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